Meredith Heron is passionate about design. Principal Designer of the Meredith Heron Design team, her approach to every project is intensely personal, while uniquely collaborative.

Her bold and distinct style blends the classic and the unexpected and is always mindful of the uniqueness of each client. The result is design that beautifully contains the elements that you love and seamlessly weaves them into a fabric of decor and design that flows. Design that is adaptable to the season and that complements perfectly with the rhythms of your life. Design that makes a space work.

It is this driving philosophy that makes Meredith Heron Design such a compelling and attractive choice. Meredith’s distinct and remarkable flair combined with her practice of guiding and instructing customers through the process has built loyal clients and fans over the years. In addition to an impressive portfolio of residential and commercial projects, Meredith has regularly been featured as guest host and design expert on national television programs such as Restaurant Makeover, which has been seen by audiences all over the world.