April 14, 2014:

She-Rahhhh and other Monday Morning Ramblings

I was going to say musings but truth be told, that would require intelligent thought which is still eluding me post High Point market a bit. I'm off to meet our #LongBranch client this morning to see if the pantry does in fact, infringe upon the living room. Toilet stacks really messing things up but can you imagine the mess if we didn't have??? Hard to sell that one as fun but entirely necessary does seem to work. You see there are lots of totally unglamorous decisions that have to be made or that are made for you as is the case in this instance.

Swung by our #Madisonave project this weekend too because I just needed to see the foyer floor. After I took this picture they pulled it out again, trying to get it all to line up perfectly so. It's one of the reasons why I'm very very very particular about which tiler we use on a design project. A whisper of arrogance or profession that they are a designer aka tile know it all and I refuse to work with them. Pride in their work is one thing but my experience with undesirable tilers has always ended badly for the client and the stone for that matter. #ripitout #followtheplanStan

It's a busy week ahead. A reminder that I'm giving a talk on #GettingPublished at Gresham House on Weds morning thanks to Juice Marketing's #IDMC14. If you are interested in attending please go HERE to register. Also if you are in the biz you may be interested in THIS article I wrote for NYIAD.

Hope your week is off to a brilliant start. We had an early 1st Seder last night and I think I'm still in a lamb coma.

A "Went to Church" kinda tile moment.

Our wallpaper plans have been dashed in this bathroom. Sigh.

So I had to go to this room to recover my sorrow.

I know, I know. Now I'm just showing off.