June 02, 2014:

Halfway Thru 2014

I can't believe it's June. Maybe it's because the winter lasted so bloody long this year and we didn't really have much in the way of a spring. I was making plans with family and friends on when to get together and well pretty much July is the only thing open and even then that is reduced as we're going up north the end of July for 10 days.

We had our first Summer BBQ shin dig this weekend. The weather was truly glorious and our guest list rather inspired. I love it when you figure out the perfect combo of people and the entire affair feels effortless. Good friends, ridiculously fabulous food by Asa (and the best gluten free chocolate cupcakes a la Jessica) and great wine and conversation.

Our backyard is finally evolving into the right combo for me. My friend Alison who is also a designer and I have been talking about our own visions of our aesthetic when it comes to design. I think that as a designer you have this ongoing struggle between a look you would love to rock as your aesthetic and what your client wants. I aspire to own a home done entirely in whites despite my love of colour and pattern. I see so many pictures of spaces that I would kill to have as my own that are entirely impractical for my lifestyle but still I covet. And then, as I said to her in an email after the party, I see something that makes me fall in love with a particular hue, pattern and I want that.

So being almost happy with how my garden is shaping up is a big step for me. I mean I would love for it to be entirely levelled and black slate floors put down with a water feature and a fire pit of some sort but until that happens I'm happy to chill out here and entertain...


Last fall I picked up this Dash and Albert Outdoor rug that was on sale. I had intended on using it in Luke's room but it didn't work out and so I kept it for the back patio.

As you can see it's a fun addition to the seating area.

Our new den is the room that is right off of the backyard. This is the sofa fabric so I love how the outdoor living space scheme ties into the den's. 

Before I entertain I like to prime myself...

Asa's Hummus and Baba Ganoosh was spectacular as was his pulled pork, brisket and I'm not sure what else there was because once I had his tomato salad I was totally oblivious to the meat.

This basil was so fresh I literally went bananas for it.