June 12, 2014:

Glorifying Busy on the Fly

I knew this week was going to be a bit nuts. When I have a hard time returning all of my emails in a regular within the hour sort of time frame, I know that I am busy. I'm traveling a bit out of the city each day for various meetings and projects which is why I can't be prompt with my emailing. That often stresses me out to be honest. I will absolutely admit to being a slave to my emails. Asa often has to stop me from responding immediately. I just like knowing that I have responded. If I have to remember to go back and respond later, something is bound to slip through the cracks.

A lot has been written about glorifying busy and how we should stop it. While I understand what people are trying to get at with saying this, I beg to differ. I RELISH being busy. To me, the chaos and pressure of a busy schedule means that I have to play my A Game and I can't rest on my laurels or phone in a fabric scheme. I was always the girl who wrote her essays at the last minute. I tried on a few occasions to put together my essay with days to spare. I always got a B on those essays. The ones that I literally had to run to hand in on time - (one time I even had a professor MEET me at my residence to meet the deadline after a Dot Matrix Printer snaffu) I always got A's or A+'s on. (Side Note: I did REALLY well in school).  I thrive on the pressure.

Today I have a meeting up at a client's house and then I'm racing back into the city to attend a lunch with Bonnie Brooks who is the head of The Bay here in Canada. It's part of the Women of Influence series that I attended a few weeks ago. This is the sort of mid day commitment that kills me though. I feel guilty for taking the time out and I tend to try and return those missed emails through the lunch itself. I've been trying to break myself of the habit - but I haven't really gone 100% all in on it. Hopefully I will be successful today. 1200 other women seem to think this is a good idea, so I don't think it will be all that hard. The last group of speakers had me spell bound and not returning email so here's hoping.

I am however, looking forward to next week where I don't really have much on the books schedule wise which means I can tackle all of those things I've been meaning to get to... I'm sure I'm forgetting something though. 

Now for some Political PSAs...

If you live in Ontario - please go out and vote today. Check out my Instagram feed to see where I was last night and why I'm voting the way I am voting if you find yourself needing to be swayed or are on the fence. I posted a few videos last night there that are great to watch. Inspiring!!!

Also - going to go full on political here for a moment - Target in the US. Some of their stores are allowing an Open Carry policy in the store based on local laws. This means shoppers are allowed to walk in carrying their rifles, their guns etc etc. I can't even grasp how Target thinks that this is a good idea. I thought only Walmart was ignorant on such matters but no apparently Target is now too. You can follow the #OffTarget hashtag on facebook and instagram and follow the links in these threads to local and national petitions to get Target to stop this bloody stupid policy immediately. I just can't even GRASP how they think that this is on brand let alone good business policy.

SOAPBOX Moment over.

Here's why I get on my soapbox and speak up. That face. That's my 4yr old son about to play the Steel Pans in front of a full theatre. Totally composed and ready to perform. I am so very very very lucky and blessed. It's one of the reasons why I work as hard as I do...