April 28, 2011:

Crate & Barrel & Moi…

I was thrilled to be asked by Vitania of Verdigris Vie to participate along with the fabulous Lisa Ferguson & Jo Alcorn of  Lisa Ferguson Design/Decor Mentor & Whitewash & Co respectively in a little Design Soiree & Tweet Up at Crate & Barrel Square One. The ladies & myself will be styling different vignettes throughout the store showcasing the new & sure to be gorgeous new seasonal items. 

I think of Crate & Barrel as my go to  store for Dinnerware, Glassware and great upholstery options when I'm on a budget and even when I'm not. They have great 'Adult' pieces. Their scale, proportion, colour sense and quality is amazing and you feel like you are making a reasonable investment for your home. They are also the first store to loan product to me for TV, Show Houses and the odd photo shoot here and there. Love them.

Vie sent the ladies and myself some rooms to pick from and I chose a Living Room.... Here's my plan for my vignette. Stay tuned to see if I stuck to the plan (when does that EVER happen) or if I was moved by sudden inspiration.. or better yet, JOIN US AT SQUARE ONE!

Here you go, an ENTIRE room by Crate & Barrel. I've anchored the room with a pretty symetrical arrangement in terms of actual pieces. I stopped short on the side tables though, figuring they'll only have 1 of each in the store. I've balanced the bombe dresser on one side of the sofa with an oversized piece of art on the other in lieu of matching tables on either side of the sofa.

I've selected a long, dark ottoman as a coffee table but then paired two slip covered ottomans on the other side to serve as extra seating. Mis-matched the chairs in terms of pattern/solid but their scale and overall shape seems fairly similar. I've brought the lavender in with an assortment of throw pillows & maybe even some throw blankets.

Metals have been mix and matched as well - I really love to do this. It gives a more collected feel to a space vs styled for an event kinda look.

I'll definitely go for a light area carpet. I see this as being a feminine Beach Side Retreat or Scandanavian Chalet but you won't see me adding in driftwood tables, distressed/industrial anything. That's so contrived right now. 

My addage is, if it ends up as 'trendy in a big box discount store' then you want to run, run as fast as you can away from it. Fortunately, Crate and Barrel has given me a ton of different ways to make this vignette cozy & casual with that unexpected bit of glam!