December 24, 2011:

Christmas Gift Giving…

There was a time when I would spend weeks if not months planning and devising elaborate Christmas gifts for those that I love. Of course, this was back when I was  teacher and well let's be frank, I was bored as bored can be so I had the time to let my mind wander. Now that I have both my own business & a family, I'm lucky to know before I hit the stores (on either the 23rd or 24th of December no less..). I feel tremendously guilty for it.  This year was different though. I knew what I wanted to do present wise for several people that are special in our life. Weeks ago we put plans into action only to be thwarted by a new recurring problem in our industry - the Dreaded Fabric backorder.

My best friend and I live provinces apart. She is the almost ideal client. She listens to me (most of the time), and gives me full creative licence to have my way with her home. Her husband loves to thwart my plans here and there but well it makes for great story telling. In recent years, I've shipped furniture out to their home that they've never seen before with orders to "put it here." They willingly comply. We are hoping to embark on a kitchen overhaul this year! Tres Exciting non?

Their living room has been a work in progress. My vision for it, is to make it Tory Burch Showroom worthy. Ever the poster family for Maximalism, we've been layering the room. It all began with a red sofa. We then layered in slipper chairs reupholstered in a David Hicks geometric in acid green & brown chenille. This summer, we added a slipper chair in a rather bold linen print... you may be familiar with the Nympheus fabric from Lee Jofa yes? It's all grounded by a cream wool carpet with slight striping in a dark taupe.

I designed side tables for either side of the sofa earlier this year as well and we had them wallpapered in a medium teal grasscloth. Bestie loves mid century anything so this nod is perfect. The introduction of the teal is what led us to the Nympheus fabric. Now we have chairs all in pattern we DESPERATELY need some life on the sofa. Enter the perfect opportunity for a Christmas Gift...

I'm sure the fabrics will arrive to our office as soon as we reopen - Murphy's Law... so the next best thing is a blog post in it's honour non? It's 2011 - Virtual Present Opening! Merry Christmas to my dearest friend. Maybe if the gods are kind, I will fly out and fluff your pillows & hang your art!!! Much Love, Me xo

What we are working with - Starting from the Left: Nypmheus Linen print for slipper chair,  Chenille Geometric in Green/Brown - slippers chairs. The other fabrics are to be pillows. What do you think??

A little inspiration...

Images: Earrings, Blankets, Leopard, Brass, Photo, Room

May have to introduce a little Suzani & Velvet... my bestie is a bit boho.

This is pretty much the sofa we are working with but in red... it's a classic. This is actually sort of our colour scheme but we just have to change around the values.

The other major piece for the room is artwork. Since I'm forbidden to put in drapery in the room (can you IMAGINE? I'm in therapy over this). It needs to be HUGE in scale. I love this piece.

My intention though is to paint something and have it framed. I love this chest. It's what I imagine behind the sofa. Large. Simple frame. Hits of gold. You like?

Peppering the rest of the room...

Images 1, 2 - Will Wick via, 3