April 16, 2014:

A Raucous Start annnnd it’s Done.

This week has been raucous and a flurry of activity and all of a sudden I'm realizing that tomorrow is the last day in the work week and we're off for Easter until Tuesday of next week. WOW. Craziness. Blinked and well it's pretty much all over.

I spent Wednesday as the Guest Speaker for the Inaugural #IDMC14 the brainchild of Wendy Hicken of Juice Marketing and sponsored by the likes of Gresham House (also our lovely hosts), JF Fabrics, Delta Faucet Canada, Weavers Art,  Switch Studio (STACI!!!), Q-Design, Elm Hill Cookies (OH MY GOD I ATE A PLATE OF COOKIES AFTER MY TALK I COULDN'T STOP AT A HALF A DOZEN) and Treasures - I don't think I forgot anyone if I did well sit me in a corner and withhold the cookies from me Mea Culpa. Stephani Buchanan whom I've had the pleasure of working with, also spoke from the photographer side of the equation while I focused on the "Getting Published" side of things. Of course, you put more than one designer in a room and the conversation will always switch to "What do you charge?" and well I may have fielded a few questions which caused us to run over our alotted time. Clearly, more discussion is needed and I'm excited to be instrumental in some of these discussions. It's about time we joined forces as an industry and took matters into our own hands.

Before the week is done, I need to nail down the final plan for the nursery in our #Nobscot project, hunt down tile for our #LongBranch project after 4 boxes arrived smashed and the supplier the client purchased them through is now out of stock (phew it wasn't my smash or out of stock problem which is a nice change because usually it IS - if you see my eyebrow twitching ever, it's often tile stock related), I have to come up with a solution to our #MadisonAve client not loving the $$$ for the stone and talk him off the ledge after some "visitor" bad-mouthed marble. I just love when people have an opinion based on heresay and they share it... (insert grumpy cat face here), two proposals need to be sent out and I have a 6 page to do document as Celia has left on holiday for 2.5 weeks to Africa and Turkey (JEALOUS) and Vanessa is away celebrating her graduation from Humber's Design program! Way to go VanCam!!! EEKKKK that means I have to finish this all of solo. Ohhhm. I need a coffee IV stat. I love my team. I miss them when they aren't there and not just because they make my life so much easier. We have a great little family at MHD.

Send cookies.

Oh and a website NEEDS to be finished. Yup this one is getting a major overhaul and I'm pretty jazzed about it.

Oh and I have to finish off the concepts for the most amazing den ever for very special clients of ours out in Canmore AB. I can't wait to get this room underway. It's so exciting and our clients trust our vision completely which is always welcome.