July 24, 2014:

Statement Pieces

I love pieces that say SOMETHING. This is how you differentiate between a living room that looks like you ripped it directly from the Restoration Hardware bohemoth catalogue set and something that is truly inspired. I saw a picture of a friend's living room yesterday that made me think to myself, "Holy Hell, what the heck happened - s/he has such great personal style and taste how on earth did THAT happen?" How's that for Vaguebooking?? I often get asked if I will judge or people will fret about inviting me to their homes for fear I will judge.  If I am invited over to break bread and drink wine, I am truly focused on the company not the space but I will confess I do make a mental list of what I would burn, throw away or conveniently dump wine on if I had the chance.

So clearly, if you are going to make a statement, it needs to be a GOOD one. Many spaces say the wrong thing. -Woefully so in fact. My own house was absolutely guilty of this at varying points. I would still be horrified to have strangers over to be totally honest. It's not perfect and because I judge, I know I will be judged just as much if not more so ya - that's an hour on the psychiatrist's lounge for ya...

We found some killer Statement pieces for our #Cactus Project.  In doing so, I found some killer pieces not for #Cactus but ones that I would desperate love to use but if I were to purchase for future projects, I'd be that one more item toward hoarder so.... hire me quick so I can use them instead of watching someone else get the pleasure... SIGH.... (Imagine Scarlett O'Hara with the swoon - arm to the forehead with that sigh)

Come to Momma. These bad boys are going in our living room in Palm Springs. We die.

DESPERATE TO USE. Can you imagine? I see draped canopies with embroidered moroccan textiles and paisley stamped wallpaper and bling bling bling. These would make the most amazing little girl's room - twin beds. Ahhh CALL ME. NOW. PLEASE!

Bedside table lamps??? I don't normally like a sculpted shade but this are amazing...

Art work from Paul Lange would pretty much seal the deal in this little girl's room that has just evolved.