April 15, 2013:

I May Have Spoken Too Soon

I was so excited to be getting ahead on my blog writing and here I am on a Sunday night and I've got nada.

So much to do before I go away to New Orleans mid week including remembering to bring Postcards with me. Celia remind me I need to bring them.

Of course I'm obsessing over what to pack. I'm going from winter to a heat wave and humidity in the south. Not sure what North Carolina will be like. Footwear will need to be comfortable I'm told. Is it wrong to do the showrooms in one's loungewear?

The good news though - I had to drop off basically an entire wardrobe to my seamstress to have it all taken in. WOOWHOOOO. I mean it was ridiculous how many alterations these items needed. I swung by one of my fave shops and low and behold found myself downsizing into a small top. Clearly they made the tops on the big side because I still have cleavage. Oh how I wish to be flat-chested again like a teen.

What does any of this have to do with design? Well it's interesting because my love of patterns seems to be influencing my wardrobe selections. Same with the layering of metals. Totally down with this both in my closet and in my choices for clients. Punchier colour statements also holding true. I mean if my designs were revealed on tv I'd sadly be that designer who matches the room. I really hate when designers dress to match their rooms. #petpeeve

Another confession - I'm watching the Masters. I can't golf to save my life but I always love watching the final day. Don't know half of the people playing this year but even still I love to watch. Mr. Adam Scott is a right cutie pie. If I'm old enough to be his mother PLEASE do not tell me.

Okay you Southern Readers - I've only gotten ::Crickets:: when it comes to recommendations on where/what to see/eat/shop in New Orleans. I NEED DETAILS PEOPLE!!!

I have pants that are very similar to this Ikat. They are loungewear but they COULD fake people out with the right shoes and top. I just may surprise you...

This is an updated twist to our #Hurndale project. The leather which is so gorgeous would make the dining chairs reupholstery budget hit the $16,000 figure. Um so ya let's talk golf again shall we? I knew the pricetag before meeting with the clients so we put a plan B on the table. Our runner up choice is the Ikat. It's bold and it will pop off of the walls which will be done in the Indigo grasscloth from Schumacher. We then decided to do drapery in a navy wool from Robert Allen and then add a Mary McDonald wide trim on the vertical leading edge. This will pull the cream from the ground on the chair fabric over on to the walls. We'll add more cream around the room in the way of a fireplace surround, and possibly some artwork.

Our Mineral Palette is subtle in tone but has loads of pattern and texture. 

The Media Lounge is going to be on the second floor. We're going with a very tailored and handsome sectional. the sexiest of slipper chairs in that Ohhhh so gorgeous leather we couldn't afford to do all the dining chairs in so we are still going to get it in the house never to worry. We're surrounding the sectional with a room of built ins... Cannot wait.

April 11, 2013:

Trying to Stay Ahead of the Game

I've managed to stay at least a day ahead on my blogging this week. Feels like a total WIN in my books. I mean the pressure is on - I only have two days in the office next week for an entire week. Then upon my return, Celia is leaving for a 2 week European vacation. I'm a benevolent dictator.

It occurred to me as I was driving home yesterday in the most unpleasant of weather, that I haven't really ranted on the blog in awhile. I must be very happy with work, our clients, our projects. Indeed it is all very fulfilling. I'm totally panicked at the thought of leaving everyone and everything behind as I head down to NOLA and then North Carolina - both firsts for me. I'm also panicked that unlike everyone else that I know who is going, I haven't spent a hot pepper of a flash even planning where to go and what to see. I really hate that part of traveling. I'm much more of a tell me where to go type when I vacation or travel. It's utterly bizarre given my Ms Bossy Pants status most days but it's true. LOATHE the idea of planning but yet I have serious FOMO - Fear of Missing Out. Meredith is Simple - said NO ONE, EVER.

I much prefer crowd sourcing these days. Where should I go in New Orleans? What should I see? Where should I eat? I'm seriously happy with just tagging along with others. I'm more concerned about what I'm going to pack than I am where I'm going to go. I had delusions of carry on luggage only. That was dashed. Not even gonna try. It's the liquids that get you every time. Send me your thoughts about New Orleans and HighPoint Market - they will ease my stress. Much the way that these beautiful things that crossed my path this week did as well.

I just relived my YOUT(silent h) by going to a Green Day concert. I think the last time I saw them was about 17 years ago. Apparently I'm not as buoyant now as I was then. My feet they hurt. Tomorrow I may be crippled. Okay enough whining - it was SUCH a good show here's the goods....

These were all found at Indigo. I worked at the first Indigo to open in Toronto - in fact I was working there as it opened all those years ago. They had great Home Buyers then, the last few years has been a bit meh but BAM they are back with a vengeance.

Ahhhh Thibaut our love affair continues. This time it is with Etosha - grey and cream Zebra wallpaper that is going to envelope the most beautiful of spaces. I can't wait.

Master Bedroom at #Brooklin. OFF THE FREAKING CHARTS AMAZING. Seriously I haven't been this excited in forever. Okay maybe I was as excited yesterday - my excitement really does know no bounds.

April 10, 2013:

#MHDStudio Update

We've hooked up our old sink temporarily and sanity has returned. It's amazing how not having running water available to you easily can put you on edge. I thought getting the toilet hooked up was monumental (Can I just tell you how much easier Glacier Bay's top dual flush buttons are compared to FAR MORE EXPENSIVE BRANDS??!!!) but getting our old ugly sink back has prevented the greys from coming in faster than they are.

Appliances are going to be going in - just waiting on the painter to come in and paint. I could probably do it myself. I'm tempted to do it myself... maybe I should tell our coop student to dress down in grubbies this week??

Counters have been templated so I'm oh so excited about this and we've started installing hardware. Ohhh how I love good jewelry.

We tell clients to expect to be without their kitchen for at least 6 weeks. 8 is not unreasonable. However, in addition to hooking up a temporary sink and maybe even the dishwasher the true gem I will pass on to you is if you can arrange to set up temporary storage in clear plastic bins that are easily accessible your life will be all the saner. Also, having a separate room that could serve as a temporary kitchen instead of spreading it all across your house/office space always preferred. It's the associated mess that is driving me mental right now. Having a dishwasher in the middle of your entrance and a fridge really doesn't inspire people to keep the rest of the space tidy you know?

Our Purist faucet for our bathroom. I love the modern feel of this in juxtaposition with the more traditional vanity we've created below by using a Thomasville Cabinet that we've added gables cut to size to finish it off. Even more genius is that this creates a really great detail that we are going to pick up with the countertop.

See? Brilliant really. Janet the designer we worked with at the Leaside Home Depot came up with this. AMAZING.

THESE BAD BOYS. I mean have you EVER?????? When I first posted these on instagram people were all "Those aren't available from MY Home Depot..." Well it goes to show you, speak with an associate who has access to the catalogues or special orders and voila... the world opens up for you. Also, these Pinstripe knobs (also from Kohler) are available for order online.  You may have a minor heart attack at the price per but I can assure you they are worth every last penny.

See?? How much do I love reeded glass? And those corbels. Dying.

We've continued with the Pinstripe collection in the bathroom - HEXAGON TOWEL HOLDER. My life is complete.

April 09, 2013:

Painterly Fabrics

We KNOW I love a good Painterly fabric. I also love watery water colours when it comes to art especially if the tones are more saturated. So much fun. I think I just love the way the colours mute themselves and take on an additional depth that isn't there when they are evenly printed. 

I could easily fill up my storage locker with all of these....

Now I have to say that I saw these in person on the weekend and painted on linen just doesn't have the same effect as they would have had on cotton or a silk but they are still beautiful. Also, I've discovered that if a pillow retails for less than $100 the feather fill is always too small for the actual cover. It's a pet peeve. These are by Bluebell Gray.

KIKI how I lurve you. This pattern is by Clarence House. I have the samples in  my office. I know that people will be tempted to knock these off BADLY but resist the urge. Save up the sheckles until you can afford to behold the beauty of the KIKI.

Luli Sanchez for Eastern Knot... I love me some Luli.

Landsmeer from Robert Allen. I'm doing a pair of chairs in these for our #Brampton project. It's going to be epic.

This is a new design from Maxwell Fabrics. I love and adore it.

A painted strie is never a bad thing. This could be removed from pillow and hung as art. J'adore. It's from Anthropologie. I hate sharing that because I disagree with the CEO's personal beliefs and some of their business practices but whoever made or designed the pillow for them is certainly very talented.

April 08, 2013:

Alison’s New Bedroom ::SURPRISE!!::

I've been helping Alison's mom with their house for several years now. We've met at my studio and we often collaborate via phone/email to implement many of the original plan's key elements. Not eveyone can afford to do it all in one swoop let alone handle the upheaval that that will entail. 

So for Alison's birthday we are planning to redo her room for her. She's been involved in the "Tell us what you like..." phase but the rest is a bit of a surprise. Teenage girls are fickle beasts as you know, so we want to make the space feel personalized and of course we want to ensure that Alison can hang out, chill, work occasionally (ha!) and we can't forget that she may want to entertain her friends there.

So with all of this in mind, we've begun to put a plan together for the lovely lady.

Here's the proposed furniture layout. Now I don't usually love showing these with all the measurements marked out on them on the blog but I did want to explain the why. It's important when you are doing a furniture plan to show the distances between angles and what have you so that you can truly see if it works. I find that furniture plans like this are only useful in determining if it will work but that scale/size of furniture can mess with a plan that works on paper. This is important to factor in when putting a space together. Pieces that are tall or have a big print on them can feel too big in a space that technically fits them.

Now y'all know I'm leary of accent walls but I do really like them for bedrooms because they anchor beds and make way more sense than say in a living room. Of course they shouldn't be random. Alison likes wallpaper but instead of opting for paper, I think a treatment like this gold stripe treatment would be A) AMAZING B) cost effective C) leave more money in the budget for a better chair and of course MORE PILLOWS!!! The bookcases could be ikea hacked - their black metal ones that have been Rub N Buffed would be great on either side of her desk. TRES CHIC. We've Rub N Buffed the desks in our office so I can attest to the fabulous transformation. It's a lot of work I'm told though - I delegated!!!

We're opting to put a Full Size bed in the corner to be used as a Daybed. I think putting bolsters along both walls will make for a comfy cozy hang out spot for friends or napping.

Love the Niche series from West Elm in white. It's pretty chic on budget even the hardware doesn't need to be changed though if you want your metals to match, a little Rub N Buff on the pulls and voila instant update. I think the blue/white elephant lamp would be great on the dresser as a bedside lamp. We've used it in our Boston project and it's adorbs.

I'd paint the walls all a warm white - say a Cloud White or White Dove by Benjamin Moore or Stucco by Para Paints. I'd do the accent stripes in a metallic gold and then maybe add a whisper of pinky coral to the ceiling if she's jonesing for a splash of colour. Then I want to layer pinks/peaches/corals/burnt reds and maybe add in some purples and even inky blue. I think it would make for a rich and vibrant young woman's room.

We've got room for a chair. West Elm has a blue arm chair that is very fun but I do worry that it's too rich and saturated in this lighter more feminine space and I'd rather keep the blues to the accents vs statement pieces. The black whicker chair is from Ikea - I love using it with sheepskins it's a great chair in a small space. The other three are from Pier 1 Imports. I was trying to be budget & space friendly.

Bedding wise I think we have two options. I love the painterly bedding on the left from Beddingtons. I think it would be great with coral/pink accents. The bedding on the right is from West Elm.  What I love about both is that they aren't overly girly nor do they appear young. I think they have a timeless appeal and can be jazzed up or down depending on Alison's tastes. Happy Birthday Alison!!!