​Tuesday was a crazy kinda day. Not in that it was overly busy or filled with appointments but it was just filled with countless oddities or situations that needed to be handled, explained, re-explained and then there was just the plain ol’ cray. Patience was required as was prudence and thoughtfulness. I was faced with one situation that was an unexpected speed bump, but it turned itself around (with some of that patience and thoughtful consideration) and became an opportunity. Proposals have been a full time job of late, which I am always grateful for but what I am noticing is that a streamlining is happening along with a confident forthright attitude. With social media these days, everyone is an expert, a genius, a tour de force, a dynamo - so much smoke so many mirrors. It’s hard to keep things straight. What I am really enjoying about MHD these days is our ability to cut through it all and not only deliver but to convey how we intend to succinctly and directly without blowing smoke up anyone’s butt. Likeminded individuals in the industry recognize and appreciate this and the support is both generous and inspiring. It makes the wins all the more enjoyable and the losses bearable and often humorous. Now I know I’m sounding a bit philosophical and I assure you that this was not the intent of this post. In all of the “takin’ care of business” I happened to check in on a little experiment I was running on Social Media. You see, about two weeks ago a friend of mine, Melissa from @VerandaInterior thought she’d give me a little boost in my sad and lagging instagram followers. Apparently if you post a picture of the same vignettes over and over again you can amass tens of thousands of followers but I couldn’t crack 3000. Melissa is super talented and a custom home designer/builder with her husband in Calgary. She did a Follow @meredithheron without telling me and suddenly I was gaining somewhere in the neighbourhood of 20 followers ever minute. I literally gained 1000 new followers within 24 hrs and I had to share this anomaly with friends Brian Patrick Flynn and Christian May who have been remarking about the saga of cracking 3000 followers and then the ensuing loss of followers for no apparent reason at all. This ongoing dialogue between them on fb has amused me to no end. Part of Melissa’s, who has over 10K followers, instructions to me were to limit my posts and to only post great pictures of my work specifically Kitchens and Bathrooms. Delete posts that didn’t get over 100 likes and well I set out to follow this for a 2 week period to see what the results were. I didn’t gain anywhere near the followers I did after her initial Follow Suggestion but I gained steadily at least another 100 or so. Until that is I cracked 3400 followers then it started yo yo-ing much like Brian and Christian had noticed. I was restraining myself. No cute Luke pictures, I wasn’t posting my Biking to Work Chic outfits, hell I wasn’t even instagramming Asa’s FOOD THAT IS GOD which there was an abundance of in the last week. I noticed Tuesday morning that I had 12 new followers but when I looked at my overall, clearly I had lost 15. This after a weekend with a few pics of Luke, a couple of selfies and one outfit post. Now, I recognize that Instagram followers really, truly are like your Klout score. If you are a fashion blogger, you can have 100K even if you dress like a dork on a good day. I mean people are fickle beasts what can I say… I share UHHHmazing design porn and pfft nada. So I thought enough. Screw the followers, I’m going to post what I want, when I want and to hell with the totals. So I posted this picture.

​I sent a note and tagged Brian in it - because I knew that he would appreciate the sentiment!! Rally!!! But then this person I didn’t even know who was following commented with the following:

“You’re talented, I like pics of kids but you’re an asshole.”

I shit you not. Out of farking left field. Please note that the person who this was originally from is a Twerker. I mean could it BE any more tongue in cheek? I think not… Anyway…. I looked at the person’s name and profile and while the name sort of reminded me of something I was unsure. OF COURSE when I clicked on the profile it was a Private User. No one who calls you an asshole is going to have a public profile right??? It’s like the code of all trolls. MUST HAVE PRIVATE ACCOUNT. But then I remembered why the person seemed somewhat possibly familiar. This person followed me on twitter and apparently took great umbrage with something I said over there (again) and declared that I was going to lose a follower over there on the twitter where I have over 14,000 followers so ya know, it’s one. It’s not like 15 while I slept right?? (insert sarcasm font) So this got me laughing actually. You unfollow me on twitter because I offended you with some rambling of mine or thought and yet you follow me on instagram? GO ONNNNNN Well I couldn’t stop laughing about it all afternoon. It actually made me introspective regarding the use of the word ASSHOLE. Asshole to me is a pretty personal slight. I feel you have to have been threatened physically or mentally by someone at relative close proximity to you, to warrant the term asshole. For example, I was almost run off the road last week by a TTC Bus TWICE. That driver - IS AN ASSHOLE (it was the same driver, same route, same location). Sarah Palin - ASSHOLE. She hasn’t caused me close proximity harm but she is so offensive that I feel that mental distress has been caused and is a fair slur to associate with her. Doug Ford - ASSHOLE Rob Ford - Fucking Moron - you see the term moron implies that he partly can’t help it. He was born that way. And of course there is this…

​Pun intended there Alicia. I am sure you will enjoy that. And this…

Because really, the whole experiment on social media was me NOT being myself and while my numbers went up marginally on their own, they didn’t dramatically surge and if having to be someone who only posts perfection of her work (which it often is) and only kitchens and bathrooms good god I may as well shut down the account. That is not me. And if some person who has never met me thinks me an asshole well…

​and there’s this which really makes a certain point when you think about it….

​But frankly, there are bigger and better things to worry about. I mean Martha Stewart is THROWING DOWN with Gwyneth and her Goopy Goop. I mean Martha is Consciously Coupling Pies why Gwynny is eating macro and doing god knows what with god knows who all the while consciously UNCOUPLING with Chris Martin who is coupling consciously or otherwise with JLAW and then there are the freaking hackers who are posting naked pictures which really is a sex crime. I mean PRIORITIES PEOPLE PRIORITIES.

​Semantics. I tell all new clients that working out the semantics in our designer/client relationship are a cornerstone to establishing solid and fruitful communication. If someone says they love modern well I need to know what modern means to them. Clearly the same is for stalkers. While it would be nice to know what exactly constitutes an asshole to some and a moron or a twit to others, I frankly would rather worry about exactly how much a client doesn’t love flowers as I try and convince them that putting that floral explosion of painterly heaven over their new custom curved settee for their living room. If that makes me an asshole well then, I’m an asshole… or maybe I just have feline tendencies with +/- 3400 give or take followers on instagram who enjoy watching as I go about my day. But not like in the creepy stalking kinda way…

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October 13, 2014

​I am a big believer in when you don’t have all the design answers, waiting and seeing is never a wrong choice it’s the right choice. I also believe that decorating a room should take time and evolve vs be done in one fell swoop.

Our bathroom is mostly done - it’s functional but it’s not decorated. I’ve hmm’d and haaa’d over a shower curtain but I knew deep down that it wasn’t the shower curtain wasn’t the issue it is the white walls. I love white walls. I just don’t think these white walls are enough. Something is missing. I first considered adding antique mirror to one wall which isn’t a bad thing but the remaining walls would look blank and well what was I to do? The placement of our sconce makes hanging artwork over the toilet a no go because it wouldn’t be centred so X that. We also need more storage and if you recall I was inspired to add shelving to the wall adjacent to the toilet but simple white shelves seemed rather BASIC - (B Patrick Flynn that was on your behalf).

(this was before we hung the mirror it’s less Basic than that these days)

​We considered lucite shelves, shagreen shelves, burled wood shelves and brass shelves but we never found exactly what we were after and then I happened upon these

​I really like the Deco feel of these brackets and thought hmmmm maybe I could add a shelf on top of these and that would suffice.

​Then I found these and thought… hmmmm maybe THESE are the answer.

​To be honest, I hate supporting anything from Anthropologie. I have serious issues with their CEO and his politics and I hate to support those who hate so I figure if I go with either of these choices, I will make some sort of donation to an organization that will offend their CEO to cancel out my purchase.

​But that still leaves the walls. Celia and I happened upon this paper and I think it is the answer to my problems…. it’s the perfect Modern inclusion to the room in juxtaposition to the decidedly Deco bend we’ve taken and gives me the Modern Trad I’m after. I’m positively giddy about this find… GIDDY I tell you.

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October 10, 2014

​We’ve had a very good week. Lots of alignment with brands we admire and with new clients who have sought Meredith Heron Design out to help them turn their houses into the homes of their dreams. We are so very fortunate to be able to do what we do. Don’t worry, I’m not going to go all Woo Woo on you and hashtag #blessed oh shit I just did that but you know what I mean. No singing Koombya here even though I do acknowledge the gratitude we are filled with whenever a new client crosses our threshold or even better, when a past client returns and asks for us to update or take on a new project for them.

We had our team over for dinner to celebrate Thanksgiving last night because we are so very lucky to have them as part of our extended family. They work harder than anyone I know and live & grow the brand Asa and I started. We are on this journey together and are continually challenging each other to raise our game. It was really great to be able to put the work aside and nosh on Asa’s fabulous cooking, Celia’s amazing pumpkin cheesecake and well of course there was wine. Jeezus we aren’t saints hell I bet that most were raging alcoholics come to think of it.

For those in Canada celebrating - have a wonderful Thanksgiving Long Weekend. I’ll leave you with some eye candy on a few projects that we are kicking off…. Also I’m not at liberty to say just yet but I’ve got some big big news coming your way in the very near future and before you go getting all your hopes up NO I am not pregnant. #ONEANDDONE

​Some of my new rug collection - a Sneak Peek if you will. Aren’t these amazing? We’ve just specified them for a new project which we’ll share more about soon!

​#Silverthorn is one of our newest projects. We are working with a lot of extremely well-purchased beautiful items but the client felt that something was lacking and retained our services to pull it all together and get the brown out. Now the two brown tuxedo sofas are something tricky to work around but we are giving it out best. We think we’ve hit the nail on the head with this scheme. The client has amazing art and we are pulling the periwinkle/greyed cornflower out of that and wrapping the walls in a metallic grasscloth. It’s a chameleon this paper and it will help to anchor the overall palette. Fuchsia is beloved so we’ve come up with some options to incorporate it into the space as well without it seeming disjointed. It’s been a big challenge but we are totally loving where it is heading.

Opening Photograph: Piet Flour Senior

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October 08, 2014

I love me some new challenges especially when they push my out of my usual look/feel. There are many types of projects that remain on my Design Bucket List but decorating a ski chalet has been checked off. If you recall, a few years ago we designed a ski Chalet in Collingwood - as in the interior design but we didn’t get to do any of the decorating. This is being remedied with a new project which is updating an existing chalet to give it a refresh. With soaring peaks and big windows overlooking the slopes (it feels weird to be talking about them as such given that currently they are grassy hills) our mandate is to warm up the space and make it feel cozier but keep the light filled airiness to the space. Not an easy task for some, but a delight for us.

We’ll be reupholstering two chairs and we’ve had a few swipes at choosing a fabric for them. We initially loved this wool plaid for them but it failed the scratch test - as in, it scratched your bum.

​We then were entirely taken with this floral (at the top) but recognized that the floral could be well too floral. Great for a cottage or country house but not the look we were ultimately after for the #CollingwoodSkiChalet.

​This brought us to this jacquard. (Top Right) It has an organic motif to it but it is insanely luxe. It ties into the existing sofas which are a hard to name green/khaki colour. Once the client laid eyes on this, we knew our search was over.

The best part of any chalet is the Apres Ski. I mean I know that is supposed to happen at the base of the hill itself but some days you just want to hibernate. This requires feet up on an ottoman. The large ottoman that is in the space is great and functional but it’s a bit worn as is prone to happen and we considered re-staining the leather (yes you can do that I once turned a navy blue leather chair into a dark wine chair for my mom!) The leather sample though that we pulled out just nixed that because it was SOOOO yummy delicious. I think I rubbed it to my face it was that good. It made all the greens sing and just added that extra zing to the luxurious feel we want without being too showy. Do you know how hard it was to find a non-tufted ottoman that wasn’t modern looking. This one will do shape wise but we aren’t doing tufting.

​We also decided to vamp up the head chairs for the dining table which is a pine harvest table. These pseudo wing chairs will be upholstered in an amazing Ronda Carmen Fine Fabrics paisley wool on the outside and then have the inside done in a contract velvet in this delicious mulberry. We are also planning on adding barstools for the island and chose a fabric to work with the caramel tones of the cabinetry. Yup, I’m working with the wood. I know. SHOCKING.

​We want this leather trim added to the base of the seats… could be a tall order but we are hoping our supplier is up to the task…

​We’re also redoing the basement lounge and a bedroom. Here’s our palette for the basement!

Opening Photo from HERE

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2. To strut or flounce in a showy manner.

Once upon a time we had a Design Forum on our website. A member (who exactly, escapes me) coined the term “Sashay” to describe the excitement that was experienced every time a client/forum member received a package or had a “Reveal” from Meredith Heron Design. I love the visual I get whenever I hear it spoken or see it written..

Here’s hoping every day includes time for a little Sashay!


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