​I’ve had a less than stellar week which has seen me collapsing onto my sofa at the end of each day, glass of wine in hand hell even some Skittles found their way into my belly last night. I figured it was the safer choice than ripping a few new ...well you get the picture. Know your limits and some days are really BAD days to blog.

It’s Friday, it’s the weekend and as such I am looking forward to NOT working or thinking about work. Okay who am I kidding. I have a big shoot at my house next week and well I’ll be stressing over that. Who knows what I’ll decide to change at the last minute. Have I mentioned that my wallpaper has arrived and I have three rooms that need papering… hmmm


I’m a sponsored blogger for this year’s Market and my Spring sponsors are Ambella Home and Kong Xing. I style spotted the most amazing Sexy Curved sectional at Ambella Home at the Fall market and we are currently about to put their Pick Up Sticks dining bases in our #MadisonDecoration project. Divine. So excited. Kong Xing is a Chinese company and a brief review of their website absolutely appealed to this Chinoiserie Lover. I can’t wait to see what gems they have in store for me!!! I’ll be blogging about both in coming weeks.

​I’ve never been to the Theodore Alexander showroom before but I am LOVING their pieces and we’re specifying them for a bunch of different projects. I have many friends in the biz who use them and have highly recommended them. Here’s a taste of what I am coveting.

​Dying over the profile of this armchair. Love the squared back and then the rolled arms.

​I really like the twist on this “it’s everywhere” chair. Great detailing and the white frame is chic.

​I’ve designed this console table for projects. It’s great in a small space that needs a desk/console combo. A great way to add function to a console behind a sofa to serve as a room divider or it would make a great table in an entry hall. I love a simple parsons table.

​Imagine it flanked with a pair of these?


I love a good Director’s chair. I see this around a very modern dining table. It’s very shades of Ralph Lauren non?

​This would make a great bedside table that needs to do double duty!!!!! I love a black and cream combo.

Opening Photo: Asa Weinstein… think I could get it blown up and framed by next Thursday?

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March 23, 2015

​Our #MuskokaBunk project has begun. This is project 8 I believe with these clients - our longest clients to date. They are family now. We love working with them and we are determined to finally get their cottage into a fabulous magazine. We’ve done the entire cottage and it’s a big one - once this bunk is done, we’ll be heading up there to photograph!

​We received the architectural plans for the Bunk today - some framing has happened but based on the photos we have, we flipped the living area and bedroom - but I actually really prefer my layout. How the layout impacts the ceiling lines though is going to ultimately be the deciding factor on which version we go with. We have a lot of pitched ceilings and dormers to factor into this design - the bunk is over the existing garage so it’s not like we can make a change to the structure - we can only work on the interior.

The Bunk won’t be heated in the winter (which is kind of why I’m not up there deciding this in person to be honest - that and our clients are at their winter home in Florida) so our wall treatments have to be cold-friendly. We love the idea of shiplap panelling on the horizontal but I do kinda love the vertical panelling on the left. We may do a mix of panelling.

​The kitchen won’t really be a kitchen per se. The main house has a huge kitchen and a terrific pantry to boot. This is more for popcorn, breakfast and snacks. We want to have a counter that serves as a breakfast bar and then a little run of cabinetry.

​The living room needs to also be another bedroom so we’re opting for a pull out sofa which needs to be covered in a family friendly fabric. We showed the client some of the furniture we were looking at initially and she wanted it to be more rustic and cottagey and less like their city pied a terre. We are thinking the bobbin chairs would be fabulous in a red gloss (her husband is OBSESSED with red and we’ve denied him in their city home) and then the rattan/stick chairs, while brand new, totally harken back to furniture from the 20s. LOVE.

​This brings us to the Fabric Scheme. This is the perfect project for MHD fabrics #jfMeredithHeron - Crypton Home, kid and pet friendly and of course red wine friendly. We want to use the Meredith Fabric the red and white ogee chenille on the sofa… DELISH and fun and cozy too. The stripe will find it’s way into drapery and we’ll embellish furniture in some of the prints - though the bobbin chairs in the Holmes blue scrollwork… to DIE for.

​Up until about 4pm I thought we were going to have a red vanity in the bathroom. Then I decided that I want that Federal Cobalt blue. The floor tiles you’ll see in a second but the fabrics will all be in the red and white. We’re going with one of those jet-mould plastic shower inserts because we don’t want to worry about tile cracking and grout issues.

​And that brings us to the floor - Vinyl plank hardwood and these amazing vinyl tiles we used at my DXV booth project for IDS. We’ll do them in red and then the vanity will pop.

​The bedroom if we go with it in the room that I have planned, will see two built in bunkies. We want rope ladders and of course drapery to give each bunk some privacy.

​Here’s our palette and our lighting choice. This way no flashlights required and if you pull the drapery across you won’t keep anyone else up!

Opening Photo: Akos Major

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March 22, 2015

We are super excited about our #Coaldale project. It’s so very sexy but in a completely rustic modern kinda way. We’re opting for a lot of tone on tone, textural palette - you will remember the art work that was our inspiration from James Way….

This is the palette we’ve pulled together for the entire main floor.

​The living room and sitting room are getting these lovely items. Mohair, leather, fur, linen and velvet.

We have spec’d this tete a tete chaise from Wesley Hall. It’s one of Peter Jacob’s pieces and it is way beyond stunning. The opening photo I’ve used is from the showroom last market. We are thinking we’d like the ombre’d stripe on the chaise and then use indigo leather as piping and on the bolsters…

​Here’s a close up of the fabric scheme we’ve pulled together for the sitting area. We are putting 4 wing back chairs in a round in this area with a table in the middle. Great for cocktails or grandkids - the room itself is just off of the kitchen so it’s more of a great room space. The living room has the fireplace and grand piano and will get the tete a tete so one can enjoy themselves in the living room.

​We’re going to add these babies in as well because they are fun and I love the idea of some whimsical pieces to juxtapose against the more tailored options… SO exciting.

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March 18, 2015

​We are working on a new project here in Toronto and it’s very exciting because it’s not what I would think of as a typical #MHD project. Our mandate is to transform the main floor of a house near the Humber River. Now we don’t have the luxury of tall ceilings but we want to add an expansive feel. The clients are after a Modern Scandinavian meets French Antique feel. BRIGHT is for sure on the list of our Must Have.

Texture is going to be a big deal as is scale. Detail will also play a factor because we aren’t going for a lot of colour. If you aren’t already following me on Pinterest please do - this project will also be able to be followed under the #Babypoint hashtag which we’ll also use on Instagram. Here’s a taste of what is driving the design at this point.

​I’ve long admired this kitchen by Bill Abranowicz and Andrea Raisfeld I first saw on Martha Stewart’s website. I love the hood. It’s atypical. I love a good black and white kitchen and this feels so spacious and airy - it’s really a rather simple design.

​This kitchen by Jessica Helgersen has taller ceilings than we have but I love the beams on the ceiling. Our client loves the idea of incorporating beams but wants them to look authentic. Seeing as we are removing a post in the middle of the kitchen and living room, we have to juggle the idea of beams. I’m also wondering about panelling the ceiling to incorporate this feel.

​Pale wood panelling could be the answer…

​Our clients are smitten with this feature from Elle Decor - Design by Helle Walsted. It’s very spare but I love the drapery. The floors are incredible though I’ve thrown out the idea of white epoxy concrete or polished concrete for that matter. The client is thinking polished concrete for the fireplace and I’d love some wood and adobe plaster incorporated into the mix.

The opening photo is a project by Joseph Dirand that I love the feel of. The polished concrete above the amazing calacatta marble… it just feels so well lived in and loved. It sums up perfectly what I am after.

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Once upon a time we had a Design Forum on our website. A member (who exactly, escapes me) coined the term “Sashay” to describe the excitement that was experienced every time a client/forum member received a package or had a “Reveal” from Meredith Heron Design. I love the visual I get whenever I hear it spoken or see it written..

Here’s hoping every day includes time for a little Sashay!


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